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WasteMasters Haulage Services

With over 30 years of experience in the waste and haulage industry, our dedicated team can assist you anywhere in the UK. We can transport all recycled materials to and from your chosen locations with total efficiency. 

Walking floor & low loader transport

WasteMasters Group are specialists in walking floor and low loader transport, including STGO CAT 1 low loader services. These types of trailers are ideal for safely loading heavy goods, and provide a larger capacity and productivity compared to other haulage methods.

We offer 130 cubic yard walking floor trailers with an impressive payload of 25 tonnes. 


Benefits of our haulage services

We use a modern fleet of vehicles fitted with the latest technology to ensure complete compliance and safety. Features of our haulage services that put us apart from the rest include:


Euro 6 ULEZ compliant vehicles

We’re conscious of the environment and the impact hauling goods can have. Our haulage vehicles have low emissions to comply with the Euro 6 ULEZ regulations.


Safety camera technology

Our vehicles are kitted out with the latest camera and side scan safety technology. Drivers gain a clear view of cyclists, pedestrians or other road users all around the lorry. This is displayed on a monitor inside the cab – without causing any distraction.


DVS registered

We are DVS registered which means that our fleet of lorries is permitted to travel in and around London.


Choose from flat & curtain side trailers

Opting for a flat or curtain side trailer will depend on the location you plan to load and unload the vehicle. We can advise you on the best trailer for the job.

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